Creating A Home That Lets You Sleep And Smile

Sleep is one of the most important elements in anybody’s life. It’s the key to helping our bodies recuperate while a great 40 winks can leave us looking and feeling better than ever. Unfortunately, though, millions of adults suffer from a lack of it. In today’s fast-paced world, this can be a major problem.

If you are one of the many people that suffer from a lack of sleep, solving this issue should be top of your agenda. Creating a homely environment that helps overcome the problems will make a vast improvement to your life. On the other hand, you don’t want to sacrifice other key elements.

Follow the steps in this guide, and you should enjoy the best of both worlds. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Start With The Bed

It sounds a little obvious, but the importance of starting with the bed cannot be emphasized enough. The average person should be spending nearly a third of their life sleeping. So it’s imperative that the bed encourages the best quality of sleep possible. The impact this will have on your entire life is absolutely huge.

The bed frame itself can have an impact. After all, some people prefer a lower sleep while others prefer a higher one. When dealing with the kids, you can even look at high sleeper cabins as a way to make life more comfortable. For yourself, though, you also need to consider the difference between having slats and a divan.

If the frame is to be considered important, the mattress itself is imperative. Different materials and thicknesses can produce vastly different experiences. Therefore, understanding memory foam mattresses and alternative options should be top of your agenda. Seriously, a comfortable mattress can transform your sleeping habits overnight.

Your bed is arguably the most important item you’ll ever own. It will have a huge influence on your future sleeping habits. Underestimate its significance at your peril.

Color Scheme

When entering any room, the color scheme will instantly influence your relationship with the room. In truth, this one aspect can set the tone for the entire space. As such, understanding the meanings of different shades should be a key item on your interior design list. This is true in all rooms, but especially in the bedroom.

The bedroom should make you feel relaxed, but must also find the right balance between relaxed vibes and energy. Many contemporary bedrooms benefit from having three light walls and one feature wall. In truth, painting the walls is arguably the easiest DIY job you’ll ever complete. There’s absolutely no reason to not make this upgrade.

Of course, you can also accentuate the room with paintings and other cool features. You still need the room to boast personality. Just make sure it doesn’t hinder your sleeping processes.


If you aren’t lucky enough to naturally fall asleep with ease, you need the room to help you. The only way to achieve this successfully is to cater to those basic human requirements. Therefore, you must invest in the basic facilities to allow this.

In the daytime, your bedroom should encourage natural light. At nighttime, though, darkness is your best friend. Even if you plan to sleep with a lamp on, blocking natural light is key. With this in mind, investing in thicker curtains or better blinds is well worthwhile. Remember to purchase an item that works well with the general appearance of the room, and you’ll be just fine.

Another crucial aspect to consider is the temperature. Choosing a duvet with the right tog rating will clearly help. However, you can make an equally huge impression by ensuring that your heating and ventilation system is up to scratch. In the warmer months, you may find that an additional desk fan works wonders.

You cannot put a price on your comfort, especially if it increases your quality of sleep. Arguably the most important design choice, however, is to leave space in the room. A claustrophobic vibe will cause negative impacts on your sleep, and your general interaction with the room. That’s the last thing you should desire.

Embrace (The Right) Technology

For many years, a lot of people carried negative thoughts about the idea of having a television in the bedroom. However, in 2016, it could be your greatest friend.

The main reason for this is simple; it stops you using your smartphone. Browsing Facebook and emails before bed make your mind stay active. In turn, this can prevent you from getting to sleep and will also lessen the quality of rest you get too. Conversely, television can be a great way to relax before bed. However, it would be advised to keep a lamp on to reduce the strain on your eyes.

Just make sure you don’t choose something with an overly complicated storyline. Those shows or films could actually help you get to sleep. It has to be better than attending your phone every time it vibrates.

Think Outside The Bedroom Too

Of course, the bulk of your attentions will be focused on the bedroom. That’s perfectly natural and logical. However, you shouldn’t rule out other parts of the home entirely.

Before you even enter your bed, your body needs time to relax and wind down. One of the best ways to do this is by having a warm bath or shower. Therefore, upgrading the bathroom can be one of the greatest additions you’ll ever make. This could mean making functional improvements, such as boosting the water pressure. Instead, you may just want to enhance the vibes with a new color scheme and a few accessories.

The bathroom isn’t the only other room to consider, though. You should invest in better protection for your home in the form of CCTV and other alarm systems. Let’s face it; no homeowner wants to be in bed worrying about the potential of a break-in. If nothing else, removing worries from your mind will keep your head clear. If that doesn’t help you drift off for a better quality of sleep, nothing will.

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