Stylish Wooden Interior Décor Ideas

With its intriguing colours, noticeable grains and unique knots, wood is the perfect material to use when your home’s interior calls for an upgrade. As that it is a natural material, using wood also provides an ideal way to bring nature into the home. Its versatility also allows for the options of a variety of finishes and designs that can quickly transform any drab room into a stunning work of art, showcasing the homeowner’s personality.

If you find yourself stumped for ideas on how to infuse style into your home by incorporating wooden interior décor, here are some ways to go about it.


Wooden furniture is a staple in most homes. Thanks to the different types of wood available, coupled with numerous furniture designs, you will find a plethora of choices when it comes to selecting appropriate wooden furniture for your home. You may opt for a dark-wood finish to complement light furnishings in your living room, or you may prefer a solid oak table to grace your dining area. Alternatively, you can have stools or chairs constructed from durable walnut, and then upholster them in your favourite fabric.

Windows and Doors

While it’s somewhat common to have wooden window and door frames, you can always shake things up a little. For instance, you can go with a solid wooden door, opting to have it engraved or stained to give it an extra edge. You can also decide to purchase good quality shutters to draw attention to your windows. When purchasing shutters, you have a choice of full-height, café style or tier-on-tier shutters. Solid top-to-bottom shutters are also available if you want to give your home an eccentric feel. The shutters can also be stained or painted to match the rest of your interior décor.


Nothing screams out rustic décor more than a wooden floor. Having a well-finished, waxed or polished floor in your home adds a touch of class and style to your entire interior. It provides the perfect base for the rest of your home’s décor and goes well with both neutral and bright colours. You can choose to have a wooden floor throughout the house or select to single out a particular room for this floor treatment. Either way, the end result will infuse homeliness and warmth.


Another great way to include wood in your home is by installing shelves or cabinetry in certain rooms. Alder or cedar are ideal wooden materials for cabinets, making your kitchen or bathroom really stand out. Opt for poplar or teak shelves in the sitting room, as that these types of wood have warm tones to make the room even more welcoming.


Wooden accessories provide a subtle way to introduce the material into your home without overwhelming the rest of your interior décor. Wooden picture frames, sculptures or other trinkets can add a touch of personality to a previously dull room, giving it a more natural feel.

Try out one of the many ideas above the next time you are renovating your home and see how they can literally transform your interior. While wood is usually durable on its own, it is vulnerable to insects, fungus and dampness, so ensure it is properly treated and finished before using it in your home. Take good care of your wooden items, and they will last you a lifetime.

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