Discover Soldigo and Learn How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Career!

Are you creating art or handcrafted products and want to sell online? If yes, you will love to find out more about Soldigo, an online store creator platform and marketing toolset that makes it easy for you to start your journey into e-commerce! Soldigo was born out of passion and came as the solution to a rising need of creative makers who wanted to sell online without breaking the bank.

Let’s find out how it works and what it has to offer for artists, handcrafters and creative people who want to have their very own online store.

Why Soldigo?

Soldigo is especially targeting makers, creators and all-around creative people who are new to online selling. One of the advantages of creating your online store with Soldigo is that it requires no technical skills whatsoever and you won’t need programming knowledge either. It is really the easiest way to sell online. Soldigo aims at being easy to use, so artisans and artists can focus on what they do best, and that is to create. Creating and using the online store is as easy as posting on social media.

It is not only an intuitive platform but it also offers many advantages to their store owners. Its main focus is to provide you with a platform that enables the creation of beautiful stores in minutes that emphasizes arts, crafts and other handcrafted items. The online store created with Soldigo can be used as a standalone store and it can also be embedded into existing websites, blogs and even into Facebook pages. This means that you have the possibility to sell online on multiple platforms simultaneously, to reinforce your online presence and further build your brand. One of the biggest advantages of Soldigo compared to traditional marketplaces is that your products will not get lost in the whirlwind of similar products of the competition but they will stand out of the crowd since the online store features your products exclusively.

I have my online store. Now what?

Selling online equals worldwide sales but it would be naive to think that having an online store is enough. The store needs customers to live and this is where Soldigo offers beautiful marketing solutions that attract visitors and keep customers engaged. Soldigo offers Applications for attracting customers like Contest, Giveaways or selling through Facebook, and Applications for retaining customers like Discount Codes. This solution not only offers the platform where you can create your online store but it also offers guidance and know-how when it comes to efficient selling techniques. Soldigo has written a few electronic books for you that are free to download and that are meant to help store owners drive sales and boost their stores and they also dedicate their blog to publishing weekly articles of interest for improved online sales and for an overall better online presence.

Online sales veteran or complete beginner to e-commerce? They have considered everyone when conceiving their plans and so in order to uplift starter small and medium businesses, Soldigo offers the following two plans: The Free Plan can be used freely and covers up to 9 products, 1 product image per product, limited access to features. The Premium Plan allows the selling of unlimited products with 6 images per product, and access to all features and applications for a monthly 9 dollars. You also have the option of paying for a year in advance in which case you will benefit of a 20% discount. Oh and that’s not all, you have the option to test drive it for a month while your free trial. Extremely affordable and flexible, you can start by giving it a try in the Free Plan and upgrade later if you wish to. Soldigo’s mission is to help you make a living doing what you love! Their motto is that they grow with you and so they offer the possibility to sell online in the Free Plan literally without spending one penny. Find the plan that works best for you and see for yourself!

Now that you know all about Soldigo why not make the most of your e-commerce journey and use this simple and great platform? There are thousands of creative makers and handcrafters who are already using it and some that moved away from the competition to join the Soldigo community. Whether you make handmade soaps, earrings or run a fashion boutique and want to break into the online scene, discover the potential of this online store creator platform and marketing toolset. Step up your e-commerce presence and boost your career even from the comfort of your own home or atelier and see change happen the Soldigo way. Sign up now!