Ways to Improve Your Home's Air Quality in Fall

While fall allergies aren’t as prevalent as spring fever, it’s possible for the cold air to trigger asthma symptoms that can be exacerbated by dust and dirt within the home. Furthermore, dry, windy air can stir up pollen and mold and bring it into the house. As a result, fall breathing problems aren’t as uncommon as some people think. Homes tend to trigger dust allergies throughout the year, especially when you spend more time inside. To improve your breathing during the fall, follow these three steps for better air in your home.

Schedule an Air Duct Cleaning

Did you know that the air you breathe indoors is almost 100 times more polluted than the air you breathe outside? This happens when your air ducts get coated with dust and push pollutants all throughout your house. While replacing your air filter monthly is a good start to trap allergies, schedule a duct cleaning once or twice per year. Not only will clean ducts reduce allergens and dust traveling throughout your home, but it will also let your specialist identify any needed cracks or repairs that could spread mold and dust. These repairs can also get costly if they’re not treated, so it pays to catch them early. Clean Your Chimney — Or Call a Specialist

There are a few quality chimney cleaning kits that you can pick up at your local hardware store, but some homeowners prefer to call specialists to take care of the work for them. The ideal time to clean your chimney is in the early fall. This is before you start using the fireplace, and chimney cleaners often have more availability. The cleaner will make sure your chimney will function well during the winter, so you can curl up by the fire without worry. Regular chimney cleanings limit the amount of soot in the flue and allows the smoke to easily travel outside. This means your family won’t end up breathing in smoke and spreading ash throughout your living area.     

Continue Using an Air Conditioner at Night

Many homeowners push open the windows as soon as it’s cool enough to enjoy the breeze, but this could actually invite more pollen into your house. The screens that protect your home from insects don’t trap pollen, and all it takes is one breezy night to fill your bedroom with dust and pollen.

If you want to open up your house, choose rooms like the kitchen and living room that are easy to clean. Furthermore, keep the windows in your bedroom closed and use an air conditioner at night. The last thing you want it to have a terrible night’s sleep because your allergies act up. If you still have concerns about pollen spreading through your house, invest in an air purifier to actively filter the air.

It’s possible to enjoy your favorite fall activities — like opening the windows and curling up by the fire — without breathing problems. You just have to follow the right planning and cleaning processes to keep your air fresh.