Eye, Eye! How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Big eyes are often associated with looking youthful. They are also associated with looking beautiful too; just take a look at the Disney princesses! Big eyes can make you look awake and more friendly, so it isn’t just all about looking young. You can look more approachable too. But we aren’t all blessed with large eyes when we are born. The good news is that there are things that you can do. You can do some arty tricks with your makeup to ensure that your eyes are left looking large and sparkly. Here are a few of the tricks that you could try.


If Cara Delevingne has anything to say about it, then you need to make sure that your brow game is strong. It helps to frame your eyes and draws attention to that area. If they are looking bold, then, in turn, it helps your eyes to look bold. People will automatically think your eyes are bigger than they are if the area around them is bold and strong. Choose a natural brow pencil, though. You don’t want it to look like you have caterpillars growing above your eyes!

Use Color to Create Shape and Depth

When you use the right color eye makeup on your eyes, it makes a massive difference. First of all, you should use a light or shimmery color in the corner of your eye. It can help catch the light if you use a light shade that shimmers. It also opens up your eyes which will make you look more awake and alert. One the actual eyelid, then it is important to use light and bright colors. When you use colors that are too dark, then it does make them look smaller. So for every day, it is a good idea to use lighter colors. If you want to achieve a smokey eye look, then chances are it is for a night out or special event. It will make your eyes look smaller, though.

Consider a Treatment

If you find that no matter what you try with makeup, your eyes just don’t look larger, then you could consider a treatment to change the appearance of them. If your eyes are quite deep set, then you probably can’t see much of your eyelid, which just shrinks your eyes completely. So sometimes, an eyelid lift could be the best option. You could look at the services from Roxy Plastic Surgery and see if you think it might be necessary for you.

Avoid Liner On the Lower Lid

When you use a dark liner on the lower lid of your eye, it really makes your eyes look smaller; it draws them in. You could use a natural or white eyeliner, though, as it will have the opposite effect, making your eyes look large and open. Just go for mascara on the lower lashes instead of dark liner. Dark liner is fine on the upper lid. But the thinner the line, the bigger it will make your eyes look.