3 Steps to a Warm Winter Bedroom

How To Create a Fresh Summer Bedroom
Our bedrooms are the one room in our homes where we spend the most amount of time. They are our sanctuaries, a place to relax, reflect and ultimately get the much needed sleep we deserve. Nothing feels better on cold winter days than waking up warm and rested, smelling fresh linens and feeling the softness of a new pillow.

With this in mind, here are some great ways you can bring in some warm touches to your bedroom.

It's all about the bedding

With the crisp winter air, it's important to have proper bedding to keep warm and comfortable in your bed. After all, your bed is a haven of relaxation, so it should be of utmost priority. There's nothing quite like snuggling into a warm bed when it's cold and dark outside.

For a duvet, the best choice is a duck feather featherbed. It's a cozy option that provides comfort and can be used on the mattress. Duck feathers are breathable while maintaining warmth, all the while remaining light in weight. It's the perfect product for comfort and warmth to people who are overly sensitive to the cold.

Your selection of pillows is also very important year-round. Get the wrong pillow and your neck and back will suffer, as well as your skin and your overall quality of sleep. Comfortable luxury hotel pillows are your best bet. There are different fillings, shapes and covers, and each can impact your rest. Make sure to pick the best luxury pillows for your sleeping habits – it's worth the investment!

Let the Light In

One of the most important aspects to any bedroom has to be creating darkness at night time and letting the sunlight in during the morning. This is a tricky balance to get right as many curtains either keep all the natural light out, or they are too thin for a peaceful night’s sleep. The balance is therefore obvious; curtains need to be created from a thick enough fabric to create peace at night, but unlined to let in the summer sunshine.

Ultimately, our winter days offer less hours of sunshine and it's easy to feel like our days are short and glum. By bringing in natural light during the daytime, we add some warmth to the room and some much needed natural light for our psyche.

Bring the Outside Inside

Florals are one of the biggest interior design trends this season and thus they deserve to be added into our beautiful bedrooms. This is one of the design tips that really won't cost you a fortune, but will easily change the ambience of your room. There are many ways that we can bring in florals, through actual physical flowers in neatly arranged vases, to wallpaper.

This is an easy trick to bring the warmth and cheer of spring and summer inside, while adding a touch of color to your bedroom.