5 Simple Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

5 Simple Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring
When each season changes, you should inspect your home and property for problems. Winter is a major source of home maintenance and repair needs, so spring is an important time to correct any problems. From snow and ice damage to simple household wear and tear, catch the issues winter has started before they turn into massive repairs. 

Set Up Your Deck

Preparing your home for spring isn't all about chores. Now is the time of year to pull your deck and patio furniture out of storage and set it up again. Clean off the grill and get ready to fire it up. String some outdoor lights and stock up on citronella candles. The weather is warming up, so it's time to enjoy your outdoor space again.

Look for Basement and Attic Leaks

As water freezes and melts, it expands and contracts, putting pressure on your pipes and creating cracks in your home. Now that the weather is warm enough, those cracks might start leaking. Inspect the basement and attic for any wet spots that point to a leak. Look under your sinks at your pipes to see if they're having issues. Catching leaks early is essential to preventing significant damage to your home.

Check the Roof for Problems

During the winter, snow, ice, and fallen branches are rough on your roof. Sometimes, you can't see damage until the snow and ice melt. Spring is the time to look at the roof. Unless you have a flat roof, you don't have to climb onto the roof to inspect it. From the ground, see if you can see any damaged shingles or uneven patches. If you see anything, call a roofer for a better inspection.

Get Your HVAC System Checked

To keep from running into air conditioner problems in the height of summer heat, perform HVAC system maintenance during the spring. A technician will check your system's refrigerant levels, clean the coils, and inspect your home's ducts. If the tech sees any problems or notices you're in need of an HVAC system repair, you have time to create a budget and take care of the problem. Otherwise, you might need an expensive emergency repair on a 90-degree day.

Seal Window and Door Leaks

Now that you know your air conditioner will give you cool air all summer, seal window and door leaks so that none of the conditioned air escapes outside. You can use weather-stripping, caulk, or plastic sheeting to keep your windows sealed tightly. For your doors, weather-stripping will work if the doors fit loosely in their frames. Otherwise, replacing the door sweep is a smart move.

Get these spring home repair tasks out of the way so that you can focus on fun DIY projects that will improve your property. Enjoy spring and summer knowing that your home is in good repair, your HVAC system is working, and you have no leaks running through your home's walls. When you're done, have a seat in your patio furniture and sip your favorite cold beverage.