5 Cutting-Edge Home Trends You Should Know About

5 Cutting-Edge Home Trends You Should Know About
Home technology has burst on the scene in recent years, offering homeowners options that make it easier to maintain the home and simplify common, everyday tasks. With smart home technology, you can program your slow cooker with your smartphone, adjust your home's thermostat while you're at work, and so much more. Even better is that all of this new technology can be seamlessly incorporated with your existing decor, and none of it will look or feel out-of-place. Now, that's "smart" technology.

The home technology industry is saturated with options for savvy homeowners who want to make sure their homes have the latest in cutting-edge products. This list of the best home trends should help you understand exactly what you need in your home and why. Amazon Echo

As your all-around smart home centerpiece, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon Echo. With this brilliant piece of technology, you have your own assistant named Alexa who can handle nearly any task. Want to find out the weather report? Just ask Alexa. Or do you want to turn off the lights in your house without leaving your bed? Alexa can do that, too.

Robot Vacuum

Lugging your bulky vacuum around your home is a task of the past. A robot vacuum will do all the work for you, even when you’re at work. Some robot vacuums can even take care of mopping and return to their charging base when they’re done cleaning. Now, that’s efficiency!

Variable Speed Air Conditioner

Even air conditioners can have smart home technology features. Since this can have an impact on your overall energy bill, it might be your smartest purchase yet. Certain air conditioners, like the Trane XV20i TruComfort Variable Speed air conditioner, can make cooling adjustments without you having to touch the thermostat, and it can also filter incoming air to eliminate pollen, dust, and other irritants.

Pet Camera

Now you can watch little Fido all day while you’re at work, right from your smartphone. With a pet camera, you can see what your pet is up to while you’re away. Some cameras are equipped with microphones so you can talk to your pet, which is especially helpful if you hear Fido barking at the mailman while you’re gone.

Smart Lighting

What feels more like living in the future than controlling the lights in your home from your smartphone? With smart lighting, you can control how bright or dim your lights are and, in some cases, even ask Alexa to turn your lights on and off.

Home technology is where the future lies, and it can truly make your life more efficient, enjoyable, and exciting. Whether you’re a busy young professional looking to make your life more productive or a family of four who wants to make sure Fido is okay while you’re away at soccer games, home technology can help with all aspects of your life. With so many products coming out, the only question to ask is what they will think of next?