How To Choose The Right Summer House For Your Garden

How To Choose The Right Summer House For Your Garden
A garden summer house is an attractive and highly useful addition to any garden. It works well as a space for relaxation or a hobby room, and the summer houses come in a range of innovative designs to complement a broad variety of styles and sizes of outdoor spaces.

What’s more, these structures provide a quiet hideaway, a work space, or even a social hub to entertain. The summer houses come in high quality materials along with extensive layouts to go with garden décor, and there are simpler options available to suit all budgets.

Choosing the Right Size

Most of the garden summerhouse for sale by 1st Choice Leisure Buildings are typically structures with different designs for the windows, floors, and roofs. Smaller gardens do well with base dimensions of 4ft x 4ft summerhouses, whereas mid-range sizes come in at around 10ft x 8ft. Larger cabins may also be available at around 12ft x 10ft and make for fantastic multipurpose enclosed spaces.

The standard design of a garden summer house is a pent style roof overhang, or sloped roof, with tongue and groove woodwork and a small porch. There are also options such as flat fronts with more inside space for garden tools, or a more open option with a solid wall and pavilion type of front. If you are interested in garden décor, you may prefer an unusual design, such as an octagonal summer house.

Typically, garden summer houses are made of cladding. Most of them come pre-treated for dealing with inclement weather, but you may have to apply water-proofing treatment every couple of years to maintain the finish. The windows of a summer house can be glazed either with plexiglass or styrene and they usually vary in styles, from decorative windows that do not open to casement types that mean you can spend longer in the summer house during the warmer months.

Ideas for Decorating Your Garden Summer House

An outdoor summer house is truly a blank canvas that you can decorate to fit in with the aesthetics of your home or even to compliment your garden décor. What’s more, adding extra products will allow you to really get the most out of your outdoor space.

For example, blinds and curtains can help with providing shade during the summer months to keep the summer house cool. Chairs and tables can help transform the summer house into an idyllic outdoor entertainment space. If you choose a summer garden house model that can be wired for electricity, you could add a comfortable couch and flat-screen television to create your very own home cinema room. Musicians like to add audio equipment to create their own recording studio. A few family photos, garden lights, and even flower boxes and ample storage chest all make for a homely setting, while portable heaters and rugs turn the space into a cosy winter hideout.