My Precious - Luxury Style For The Active Millennials

My Precious - Luxury Style For The Active Millennials
Since the big screen has immortalized Smeagol’s obsession in Lord of the Ring — My precious —, it can be difficult for fashionistas from all around the world to develop a sense of refinement in their style without feeling as exposed and shine-obsessed as the poor hobbit turned Gollum through his corruption by the One Ring. However, one generation is luckier than others when it comes to creating a luxury style that remains practical and somehow doesn’t lose its simplicity: The Millennials.

Indeed, the apparition of trendy lifestyles, tech-savvy office gears, and luxury accessories that can complete an urban style has created a pool of precious style opportunities. Forget the tacky golden shine of the 1980s and the large shoulder pads. If you want to add a touch of precious to your style, you can do it without looking like a bad revival of the ABBA period. All you need is to redefine the meaning of luxury in every part of your life. Luxury is, after all, what makes your style so precious!


Minimalism is not a home decor trend by chance. It’s a way of building an interior that is both welcoming and elegant while maintaining a homogenous style throughout the rooms. A minimalist decor is the eponym of refinement. It combines a clean structure, stylish accents, and a simple color palette. But more importantly what turns a minimalist decor into a luxury exercise is the importance of space. Rooms become spacious when you apply the basic rule of minimalism: Less is more. Consequently, you’ve got more room for life in your home. It’s not a matter of how many items you can keep in your home and where all your souvenirs and gadgets can go. It’s a matter of what you need to keep and what you don’t. As the minimalist decor puts a strong focus on keeping your rooms free of clutter, it’s interesting to note that it’s the only kind of luxury style that needs you to get rid of some of your belongings actively. In other words, if you want your home to get a touch of luxury, start with a decluttering session.

While luxury tends to be about the ability to gather items that you don’t always need, at home luxury means excess-free and simple. Why so? Because everyone collects unnecessary items at home as part of our materialistic human nature. At home, a luxury decor showcases your most precious asset: Space. As we can’t all live in a 12-bedroom mansion, a minimalist decor is the best way to make the most of the available space with a tasteful combination of colors and essentials. With the constantly decreasing liveable surface in town, it’s easy to see why a Millennial luxury decor favors minimalism. Be cautious, though. Owning less doesn’t mean that you can’t fulfil all your needs. But you can make your life easier by buying multipurpose gadgets that save space and time. In the kitchen, for instance, you can replace your juicer, blender, and food-processer by one device that combines all functions. Declutter your TV stand in the lounge by getting a PlayStation: It combines the functions of a game console with the ability to stream TV shows. Remember the golden rule of luxury decor: Invest in the quality, not the quantity.


Luxury fashion has long moved to the next level. If you’re still dreaming of the golden outfits of the 1980s and early 1990s, it’s time to jump off that train and move to the next big thing: Statement accessories. Accessories are renowned for shining a new light on your everyday outfit. They can make the difference between work and night out outfits in a few minutes. But more importantly, they can boost a neutral or simple outfit and bring that little touch of luxury you need. Pick a simple fitted black shirt and a dark pair of chinos, for example. While every man would look alright in those, there’s nothing that attracts the eye with that look. But add now a piece of luxury jewelry to it, say gold chains, and suddenly you’ve got a trendy, expensive-looking and respectable outfit. For those who don’t like wearing jewelry, there are still plenty of great options to transform your average dress into a winning look.

If you’re one for subtle hints, you can pick an exquisite perfume statement that will do all the luxury talking for you. Obviously Chanel N°5 remains a sure favorite — and has been since Marilyn Monroe admitted to sleep wearing the luxury perfume only — but they are other brands that you could try instead. For playful ladies, Marc Jacobs Daisy is an excellent choice with a fresh scent. You’d prefer a signature scent? Try Paris by YSL; it’s a classic that always works. Finally, the last piece of advice to easily create a luxury feel without needed to change all your wardrobe is to coordinate your shoes and your bags. Gray, camel and mustard are the colors you need for this season.


The Millennial lifestyle is busy and highly digitalized. So it comes as a surprise to no one that the kind of gadgets and devices Millennials use in their work life participates to their luxury style. For a start, it doesn’t matter how much Google promotes the many Chromebook options or how often Microsoft creates TV spots with a tactile tablet. It won’t stop Millennials from using Mac devices. There’s a natural sense of productivity that comes with the Apple products, due to the high levels of integration with each other. But more importantly, it’s the sleek and elegant design that wins Millennials over every single time.

Finally, Millennials like an organized desk that completes their trendy devices. Clutter-free and adapted to their needs, that’s what the modern desk is about. Therefore you can find tech chargers, snacks and cord organizers sharing space with a cup of coffee, an emergency stash and a to-do list system. But everything remains categorized in little boxes and drawers. Organized desk

The luxury take on fashion from Millennials is practical, simple and elegant. From a minimalist decor to a precious fashion statement, the tech-savvy generation has redefined luxury successfully.