Making a Rented House Feel Like Home

Making a Rented House Feel Like Home
Renters often get a raw deal. Not only do many of them have to deal with rogue landlords, moving regularly and a lack of any real security, but they also have to struggle with never feeling quite at home - not being able to but their own stamp on their place due to landlord restrictions can make it really hard for them to ever feel truly comfortable in their space.

If you are currently renting a property, you probably know how it feels to not be able to so much as hang a few personal photos if you want to be able to keep your deposit once your time is up, but you shouldn’t despair because there are actually lots of things you can do to make a room for rent feel more like your own home. Here are just a handful of the best tips, tricks and techniques for creating a cozy, comfortable space that feels more ’you’ without waving bye-bye to your security deposit:

Go Wild with Wall Decals

There was a time when wall decals were exclusively the domain of children’s bedrooms. They were fun but pretty tacky for the adult market. However, that has all changed in recent years, and you can find all manner of pretty, subtle and attractive wall decals that will match your personality, give those blank white walls that are such a common feature of rental a bit more personality, and simply peel off before you move out! They’re quite fantastic for the rental market.

Make Room for Rugs

Luckily, a lot of rental properties now feature wood or laminate flooring, so the problem of ugly carpets isn’t such a big issue anymore. Even so, if you’re struggling with a pattern you hate, or even if the wooden floor you have just doesn’t do it for you, there are literally hundreds, even thousands of rugs available at stores around the country and online, which means you should always be able to find a floor covering that’s more to your taste.

Custom Couch Covers

If you’re renting a furnished apartment and the furniture is...well a bit ugly, don’t be embarrassed about having friends over, make your own customized couch covers. Head to the local fabric store, pick out something you like (and you can afford) and follow this guide to creating couch slips. If that’s beyond your capabilities, you could just buy some from a company who specialize in that kind of thing but that can get expensive, and there’s no guarantee they’ll fit the furniture at your next place; you could, then, invest in some really big throws and cover your furniture with them - they’ll be cozy and easy on the eye then!

Removable Wallpaper is Remarkable

Id you’re a wallpaper fan, renting is often not very much fun. The walls tend to be painted various shades of white and cream, which is great for fans of minimalist decor, but not so good for those of you who like a little bit of a feature wall to add a little something. Or, if they’re a bit more dilapidated, there may well be wallpaper, but it won’t exactly be the kind of clean, fresh wallpaper you love - enter removable wallpaper.

Yes, it is now possible to purchase temporary wallpaper that can be hung on the wall with speed and removed just as fast without leaving a mess behind, Best of all, it comes in every style imaginable just like regular wallpaper.

While we’re on the subject of removable decorative coverings, it is also possible to purchase faux stainless steel and granite wraps which are great for ‘updating’ a rental kitchen on a budget and in a way that is by no means permanent, so you might want to check that out too,

Invest in Modular Furniture

If, for you, one of the worst things about renting is the constant moving around - not having anything constant in your life - invest in modular furniture and minimalistic flatpacks. Why? Because if you do that you can take your furniture with you wherever you go, and you’ll be able to configure it to fit any space. That means that you’ll be able to save money by renting unfurnished placed and you’ll always be sure that you’ll be able to add some of your personality to the place.

Replace the Hardware

You might not be able to rip out your kitchen cabinets or the bathroom wash basin, but there’s no reason why, if you’re careful, you can’t remove the handles, faucets and knobs, replacing them with newer pieces that are more your style. They’ll help you to create a space that feels more like home, and as long as you hold on to the originals and replace them before you move out, you won’t be losing your security deposit. Oh, you’ll be able to take your hardware with you to the next property too!

The Power of Plants

Plants are important. Even if you’re a fan of the minimalist style, and even if you aren’t exactly green-fingered, you shouldn’t shun plants, brushing them off as just one more thing to worry about. Why? Because plants are great at purifying the air around us; they’re also pretty unique, and we all have our favorites, Oh, they’re pretty portable too. Put simply; plants are the perfect possession for a renter who’s looking to make their house feel more like a home.

Accentuate Washi Tape

Washi tape is fantastic stuff. Based on origami paper designs and non-permanent, it is a great way of adding accents of personality to any room. For example, you can use it to create borders around your light switches, to pretty up your plant pots or even to stick your prints out photos to painted walls or even create the minimalist outline of a bunny on your kid’s wall, all without causing any damage. If you’re looking to add a little bit or color or design to your rental. Then washi tape is an effective and affordable means of doing just that.

Excite with an Electronic Photo Frame

If hammering nails into the wall to show off your favorite photos is a big no-no then a very minimalistic electronic photo frame set up on a side table is a good alternative, Sure, you won't be able to see all of your favorite photos at once, but really you can only focus on one picture at a time, and as long as you load them all in, they’ll all get their turn., Really, it’s better than hanging static photos because you never know what’s going to pop up next and some of your snaps can really take you by surprise in the most delightful way possible.

Artwork is A-OK Image source If you are a fan of artwork, even if you only have that one piece that is meaningful to you, don’t worry if your lease doesn’t allow you to hang it. Look around the room and see what you have to work with. Id there a fireplace? A shelf? A Cabinet? If you have any of these things, then you can propr your artwork up against them fuss-free. Of course, there are now nail-free hanging solutions available too so that you would look into them. Just make sure you use them correctly to avoid any potential damage and loss of your deposit.

Bedding and Cushions Bedding and cushions are very portable and every non-permanent, so it makes sense that you utilize them as much as possible to make your rental feel like your own home. Whether you love the simple Scandinavian style or you’re an all-out color freak, invest in the sheets, cushions, pillow cases and comforter covers that make you happy and no matter how different to your usual style your rental is, it’ll really start looking more like home.

Lamps, Lights and Light shades

Again, lamps and light shades are also very portable, and there is no reason why you should not switch out the existing shades for your own, providing you keep the original ones to put back before you move out. Even just wrapping some fairly minimal white fairy lights around a beam or table could make the place seem a whole lot cozier and a whole lot more like you belong, and they, again, have the advantage of being seriously portable. Lamps might be a bit more cumbersome, but lighting is important for good mood and a good vibe in the space, so it may be worth investing in one or two that you really love too.

I hope this helps you to make that rental house feel more like a home, Everyone deserves to feel comfy and… home in their home even if they rent and you are no exception. Of course, if you do plan to make any of these changes, you should be very careful not to harm the existing condition of your home as you do so, but as long ss you’re careful, that really shouldn’t be a problem. Happy revamping!