Sheet Masks: Are They Any Good for Your Skin?

Sheet Masks: Are They Any Good for Your Skin?
There's a new beauty trend from South Korea, and women love it: Sheet masks.

Sheet masks are fabrics designed to contour to your face shape. Each sheet mask is soaked in a serum that’s jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that provide benefits to your skin. To apply a sheet mask, all you need to do is open a pack, take out the mask inside, unfold it, and leave it on your clean face for at least 20 minutes.

You're probably asking yourself, "Should I add sheet masks to my daily skincare regimen?" For now, let's learn about everything you need to know about sheet masks first. By running through the article, you can come up with an informed decision whether to use sheet masks or not.


Sheet Masks Hydrate Your Skin – As we have mentioned earlier, every sheet mask is soaked in a serum that contains skin-friendly ingredients. The reason why it’s much better to use a sheet mask instead of buying a separate bottle of serum is that the sheet mask acts as a barrier to prevent the serum from evaporating fast. This mechanism ensures that your skin stays wet the entire time the mask is on your skin. After you remove the sheet mask, you can choose not to wipe off the remaining serum so that it stays on your face longer.

Sheet Masks Are Convenient to Use – The traditional sheet masks we have come to know for years come in plastic jar containers. These conventional masks require you to peel them off after they dry out. You need to wash your face and even parts of your hair afterward. On the other hand, sheet masks offer convenience in that you don’t have to rinse off your face after application. Our personal favorites are sheet masks from Skinfood. Made for women on the go, these sheet masks are perfect to carry for your travels.

Sheet Masks Can Be Used as Often as You Want – Another advantage of sheet masks is that you'll be able to apply them several times a week—even daily. Anytime you need a quick hydration boost and to achieve supple and glowing skin, just take out a sheet mask, and apply it whether you're relaxing at home or during your downtime at work. Traditional masks such as clay masks have a limit to their application frequency. Because clay masks can be irritating to the skin, you can only use them once or twice a week.

Sheet Masks Address a Particular Skin Concern – In addition to the hydrating effect of sheet mask, each pack contains a major ingredient that delivers a specific skin effect. For example, there's a sheet mask for anti-aging, a sheet mask for stress-relief, and a sheet mask for skin lightening. Through sheet masks, you'll be able to get that quick solution you need without going through the stress of peeling and washing afterward.

Sheet Masks Have No Specific Application Dosage – With sheet masks, there’s no need for you to worry about applying the correct amount of product to your face. Each pack has the right dosage of serum to make sure that your skin receives all the nutrients it needs. To maximize the use of a sheet mask, take out the remaining serum in the package and spread it all over your face and neck.


Sheet Masks Do Not Fit All Face Sizes and Shapes – Sheet masks come in a single size and shape. There isn't a mask for a round or rectangular-shaped face, nor is there a mask for a small or medium-sized face. Because of this inconsistency in size and shape, some areas of your face may not get covered unless you make adjustments in the mask's placement. Here's a useful tip though: When applying a face mask, make sure that you start with your eye areas. Next, move downward while patting the mask against your nose, cheeks, and chin.

Sheet Masks May Require You to Lie Down During Application – The best position when applying sheet masks is when you're lying down. With the back of your head rested on a pillow or flat surface, you'll be able to use the sheet mask in such a way that it adheres to your skin. If you stand up and walk while the mask is on, it might just fall off. This can be a disadvantage if you want to have something to do.

Final Thoughts

As beneficial sheet masks are to your skin, there are also disadvantages when using them as part of your daily beauty routine. The points discussed above should give you a better idea if sheet masks are perfect for your needs.

If you decide on trying out sheet masks, however, pick one from a quality beauty shop. Follow the recommended application time indicated on the sheet mask package. Remember not to put a sheet on if your face is dirty. Make sure it's clean, so you get the best results.

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