Why Knowing And Understanding The 4Cs Is Essential To Buying Diamond Rings

Why Knowing And Understanding The 4Cs Is Essential To Buying Diamond Rings
If you have been looking into jewellery with diamonds as a feature, we are sure you have heard of the 4Cs by now. The 4Cs (Clarity, Cut, Carat and Colour) are industry standard guidelines which measure the value of a particular stone and it’s essential to familiarize yourself with them before opening your wallet.

Whether you are looking for something subtle or big diamond engagement rings, the 4Cs are still just as important. So, let’s first look at things in order of importance so you can start to navigate the diamond ring market with confidence and ease.

1. The most important of the 4Cs is Cut. This is because they have the biggest impact on how shiny and sparkly the diamond is. It’s all to do with how the cut of the stone refracts the light at all the right angles. Kinda’ magical, right?

2. The second most important factor of the 4Cs is to do with the diamonds lack of colour. This is a huge determining factor of the overall cost as the less colour it has, the higher the grade of the diamond.

3. Clarity is the next big things as this will refer to how perfect the diamond is when closely examined. If there are several imperfections for example, it will devalue the diamond somewhat and bring down the price.

4. Finally, the least but still important C is the Carat which refers to the stones weight.

Our top piece of advice would be to go deep and do your research before you buy any diamond piece of jewellery. This is because knowing them can put you at a big advantage in any negotiation and will help you maximize your opportunities.

Why Are They So Important?

The 4Cs really do matter. All things considered, they are the international industry standard when dealing with any diamond. The 4Cs have been around for a long time and now are instrumental in determining the quality of a stone and therefore its overall value.

In modern times, they are a key way to understand and compare diamonds so that someone can make an easier choice when purchasing. Otherwise, looking at diamonds without the aid of a microscope can show little differences. This often leaves people confused and at a dead end.

They essentially help people to navigate the buying process and put things into perspective. This is why getting clued up with the 4Cs can make a big difference when you’re buying diamond jewellery. Therefore, you can find out which matters to you the most. It might be the size or the sparkly, but knowing these guidelines will help you make the most out of your budget and see what works within it.

Making The 4Cs Personal To You

It comes down to making them work for your needs, desires and budget. When you understand the importance and practicalities of the 4Cs, you can:

– Get something which truly sparkles whilst decreasing the colour of the stone.
– Get a bigger diamond with less carat (just chipping off the carat by a small amount can cause a significant drop in price).
– Purchase something that weighs less but is still radiant

As you can see, knowing the 4Cs and how they work can end up saving you lots of money whilst getting the diamond you want.