How To Get The Custom Jewellery You Deserve

How To Get The Custom Jewellery You Deserve
Why have jewellery custom made? The majority of the jewellery in high street stores is mass produced. Browsing their windows and trays, you see the same combinations of metals, stones, and designs repeatedly. By opting to have your jewellery custom made, you will have gems which are unique. There will be no danger of you, or your loved one encountering someone else wearing a piece like yours, because it simply won’t exist. This unique quality of custom made jewellery will have your personality stamped on it, and its exclusivity will make it a treasured heirloom.

Here are some things to consider when commissioning bespoke jewellery:

Get to know your precious metals. Gold and silver are traditional choices for jewellery, but they aren’t the only ones. Platinum and palladium are growing in popularity, and titanium has become a mark of manliness in the gem world. Seasoned goldsmiths can combine precious metals into fitted or integral bands with varieties of finishes to give your jewellery a further level of distinction. Pink or rose gold has an element of copper in its alloying which gives it warmth and depth. Yellow gold is the traditionalist’s choice. White gold is coated with rhodium, a highly reflective and very precious metal. If you are setting your jewellery with diamonds, consider white gold – its reflectivity will make your stones seem brighter and bigger.

Get to know what styles there are. Traditional jewellery was made when materials and tools were limited. Modern jewellers have a wider range of metals and instruments to work with and they use these to create fascinating and intricate designs for discerning customers. Halo rings are modern innovations which experienced custom jewellers can play with to fashion dazzling constellations on your fingers. Knowing what styles and designs are out there will let you bring your imagination to them to create something especially yours.

Get to know your gemstones. Diamonds are the gem world’s most prized stones, and Australia boasts the only mine producing the glorious Argyle diamond. Find out about the four Cs (carat, colour, clarity, and cut). Knowing the basics of how diamonds are graded will help you when talking to jewellers about your particular desires. Consider also the colours you favour, there is a whole spectrum of hues available in precious and semi-precious stones, and knowing these will inform your discussions with gemmologists.

Go to experts who let you take your time. You are commissioning a piece special to you, it isn’t a purchase to be taken lightly and you will have important decisions to make. The process of creating custom jewellery may seem longwinded, but it is this liaison between you and the experts which will result in the gem of your dreams. Viewing samples on webpages won’t help you in this, you need to see sketches and models before committing to your order. Reputable jewellers like Ringleaders, creators of unique custom made jewellery in Brisbane, understand this and will be happy to listen to your concerns and give you their expert advice on how to get the jewellery you want.

So, do a little research and exercise your imagination before you start looking for the jewellers to help you. The better an idea you have in advance, the more focused your design discussions will be, and the more special your jewellery.