Oven Lovin' - 5 Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Oven

Ovens are some of the most reliable appliances in our households, and definitely, one that we tend to take for granted. One day, your rusty ol’ reliable might give its final burst of heat and retire for good. Or, it may continue to work but a little less reliably. How can you tell when your oven is on its last legs and ready to be replaced? There are five important clues that you should never ignore:

1. The Interior Is Rusty And Old

Grime and dirt can be cleaned, rust, however, can not. Small rust spots indicate that you will need to start budgeting and researching which oven you’d like to replace it with. You could look at some modern technology which is safer and easier to operate, like cookware for induction. Significant rust is a sign that it’s time to replace your oven immediately. Not only can rust hamper your oven’s performance, but it can also result in food that has not experienced even heat distribution - roasts that are well done on one side but rare on the other - won’t do.

2. Electric? The Temperature Settings Seem Unreliable

The heating element is responsible for grilling, baking, and roasting at the correct temperature. If you’re still preparing the same foods you always have but finding the oven is getting too hot or not warm enough, the heating element might be past its performance point. It’s probably more cost-effective to replace the oven than to have it repaired. If you ever dreamed of a larger more modern oven, this is your opportunity! Newer technology is always exciting.

3. Gas? Your Oven Battles To Light

Struggling to ignite your gas oven and get it going? Older gas ovens can be tricky, however, getting a light going should never be exasperating. There are a number of reasons you can experience this - it could a problem with the pilot light, a leak somewhere, or a lack of oxygen. As you can imagine, a leak can be incredibly dangerous. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a legitimate hazard, especially if you’re reaching all the way into the oven and having to stay there to try and turn it on.

4. It’s Consuming Enormous Amounts of Electricity

Have you formed a correlation between your oven use and spikes in electricity consumption? It’s not supposed to be that way. Ovens do require substantial power to reach their required temperatures, but it shouldn’t make a noticeable dent in your power budget each month. This is a clear sign it’s time for a new oven - in fact - the money you save in electricity consumption almost justifies the purchase!

5. It’s Super Noisy

Does our oven make a rattling noise when it’s in use? What about ticking sounds? Loose internal parts can be incredibly dangerous and warrant a replacement oven as soon as possible. It is advisable to stop using your oven until you have had the noise assessed and repaired, or the entire unit replaced.

As if you needed an excuse to upgrade your kitchen, a faulty oven is not only difficult to work with and detrimental to your cooking, it can be dangerous to have in the home. There is newer technology that offers a safer way to prepare food. When your oven reaches the end of is life, it can be the exciting start of new a culinary adventure for you - right in your own kitchen!